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"The Sensible Solution" for Structural Steel Engineering in High-Seismic and High-Wind Applications

The Spectrus Group is the industry leader for the development and production of the Special Truss Moment Frame system called Tru-Frame®.

Our Engineers pioneered the commercial implementation of this new "lateral steel frame" building system that came from an extensive, multiple-year study at the University of Michigan.

We provide the engineering community with design information that will allow them to evaluate the viability to utilizing this cost effective method of steel framing.

We also provide competitive sourcing for the production, delivery and erection of the Tru-Frame® system.

The Tru-Frame® system offers unparalleled flexibility and cost-effectiveness to almost any application.

"The Sensible Solution:"


  • Provides modeling information to easily evaluate comparison to conventional framing
  • Fully codified for easy jurisdictional approval
  • Easy-to-learn system increases office efficiency
  • Reduces design time by eliminating moment connection detailing


  • Substantially reduces fabrication time and delivery of steel to site
  • No full-penetration welding allows quicker erection
  • No leaving deck sheets out for completion of beam-to-column connections
  • Simple visual inspection of connections allows other trades to begin sooner


  • Reduces structure weight by 25-30%
  • Reduces foundation requirements
  • Eliminates full-penetration welding, saving substantial costs in both shop and field
  • Eliminates special inspection costs


  • Advantages of "moment frame" design without "moment" connections
  • No cumbersome diagonal bracing through exterior windows or hindering interior flexibility
  • Superior vibration characteristics
  • Provides opportunity to lower floor-to-floor heights by running MEP through open framing